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Easymodel(易模网)品牌网站为北京悦晨建筑工程设计有限公司旗下独立子公司,我们同阿里云集团一起,搭载更强大的服务器,以更快的响应速度 ,同时秉承“以网站上看到得即买得到,更快的节约设计效率”的服务理念,为设计行业提供一臂之力。

Easymodel, brand website is an independent subsidiary of Beijing Yuecheng Architectural Engineering Design Co., Ltd. We, together with Aliyun Group, carry more powerful servers to provide faster response speed. At the same time, we uphold the service concept of "buy as you see on the website, faster efficiency of saving design", and provide a hand for the design industry.


We aim to build a multi-platform download sharing system based on the Internet, website features, data sharing, business cooperation and other ways, through data exchange, resource sharing, cost sharing and other principles, to save a lot of users'time and cost, and to solve the design landing problems.


Easymodel along the way, along with the implementation of the strategy of the whole country, we cooperate with the world's top design institutions such as the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, Norway and Vietnam to realize the internationalization strategy of the company.

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